Welders have an important job, but it can also be dangerous at times. The best way to prevent accidents and injuries in a factory where welders work is to ensure that every person has the appropriate personal protective equipment. Whether you are planning to begin working as a welder or already managing a facility that employs welders, the following equipment is necessary.

Helmets and Goggles

In addition to being incredibly hot, the arcs made during the welding process are also incredibly bright. Welding helmets are an essential for all welders, and the mask of the helmet should always be kept down when welding is occurring. Safety goggles should also be worn under the helmet; welder's safety goggles are another form of protection from bright lights and also shield the eyes in the unlikely event that sparks penetrate the helmet. A fire-resistant head covering is often worn under a welding helmet.

Protective Clothing

All welders need to wear specially designed clothing that is flame resistant. Shirts should be long sleeved and tucked into thick leather gloves; it is important that no skin is exposed while a person is welding. It is a good idea to wear a thinner pair of insulated gloves under the leather gloves to further protect the hands A fire-resistant apron may also be worn for extra protection. Pants should always be worn while welding, and the pants should not be cuffed. 


Boots are the safest form of footwear for welders. Ideally, the boots should be tall and cover part of the calf. Leather boots are often preferred. The boots should have a rubber, slip-resistant sole as well as steel toes to protect against falling objects that are heavy.


The welding process can produce fumes that are dangerous to the lungs. It is recommended that welders wear respirators to ensure that the air they are breathing is safe. Some wear respirators under their helmet, while others purchase a welding helmet that has a built-in respirator. For personal safety, respirators should be worn at all times when welding.

Ear Plugs or Noise-Cancelling Headphones

The welding process can be very loud, and a person's hearing can be put at risk over time if the ears are not protected. Welders should wear either ear plugs or noise-cancelling headphones while on the job. If headphones are worn, it is important that the material that they are made of is fire resistant. 

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