Those in need of demolition services are typically looking for the least expensive and fastest way to get the job done. Many of those involved in the construction and demolition processes remain under the impression that recycling will necessarily increase costs and delay the completion date of a construction job. 

It's important to realize that incorporating recycling into the demolition process doesn't have to make the project more difficult. Unfortunately, recycling is often left out of handling demolition debris because many people have the following misconceptions:

The job will take longer because of recycling.

Although separating recycling containers from the waste produced by demolition may require workers to put in a little extra effort, it shouldn't make the job take significantly longer.

Some time will have to be put into training workers initially to place the appropriate items in recycling containers, but simply labeling containers appropriately should make it so that recyclable and non-recyclable waste can be disposed of just as quickly as mixed debris. 

Recycling adds some complications to demolition.

Careful planning and job site layout are more important to making a demolition job uncomplicated than whether or not debris is recycled. If extra planning is put into incorporating recycling into the job, it might even benefit other aspects of the job like clean-up and job task assignment. 

Recycling takes up a lot of space on the job site.

Again, careful planning can make it simple to add recycling containers to the job site. Often, recycling containers are smaller and can fit into corners where larger mixed waste disposal containers won't fit. 

When space is limited on the job site, it might be possible to have recyclable waste separated later at a processing plant or at another facility. 

Recycling increases costs.

Cost considerations are generally one of the major deterrents to recycling in the minds of architects and contractors. However, it's a misconception that recycling will significantly increase costs. 

In fact, recycling demolition waste may even qualify contractors for certain credits. For example, meeting recycling standards can help contractors to take advantage of LEED credits that can both save money and generate good PR for the company putting up the new construction. 

It's hard to find a reliable hauler for recycling debris.

The recycling industry has changed significantly in recent years as recycling has become more popular among contractors. This means that there are now many more service providers willing to accommodate a recycling plan. For more information, speak directly with experts like Rockridge Industrial Services Inc Demolition Contractors.