Glass doors are beautiful. They let in light and add a level of aesthetic appeal to your home that cannot be denied. However, they are not especially secure, because they make it easy for burglars to see inside and know when your house is empty. There are a few ways to improve the security of your glass doors and make sure that your family is as safe as possible, while still enjoying your glass doors.

1. Reduce Visibility

One of the main reasons why burglars like glass doors is because they allow them to make sure that the part of the house that they wish to enter is empty. In order to reduce this advantage that glass doors provide, consider making your glass doors slightly more opaque, or at least difficult to see through. This will make your home less tempting to burglars. The easiest way to do this is to apply decals or a window spray that will give your glass doors a frosted appearance. Both of these items can be purchased at a hardware store. Another way to do this is to purchase separate window panes that have already been frosted. Frosted glass will still let in the light from outside.

2. Use Sandblasted Shapes

Sandblasting is a process that gives your glass a rougher feel and makes it difficult to see through. It turns your glass almost opaque. You don't need to do this to your entire door. Instead, have this process applied in geometric shapes or natural shapes in such a way that it is difficult to clearly make out what is going on behind the doors. You can make beautiful patterns with sandblasting. It's possible to use them to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home as well as protect your family and your personal possessions.

3. Install Curtains

Installing curtains is another great way to make it difficult to see through your glass door. It is one of the cheaper options and it also allows for the sun to shine fully through your windows without being impeded during the daytime. While you are home, you can simply draw your curtains out of the way of the door and let the light shine through. At night or when you are not home, you can draw your curtains and make it almost impossible to see into the house.

For more information on how to improve the safety of your glass doors, contact a local glass company like Economy Glass Ltd. They will have ideas that have worked for other customers.