If you are interested in both the farming sector and the industrial sector, you don't have to choose one career or the other. You can be both a welder and a farmer. In fact, your skills and education in welding mesh with farming quite well. Here are some of the important contributions that welding adds to life on the farm.

Silo Construction and Repair

Silos hold livestock feed for months. Without them, your grain would have nowhere to go and would rot, leaving your animals to starve. However, silos are not impenetrable, nor are they indestructible. Eventually they rust, come apart at the seams, or rodents find a way to bend the edges open to get inside. With a welder's education in your back pocket, you save hundreds of dollars repairing your own silos and protecting your grain. You can construct new silos as well, reinforcing them as only a welder would know how.

Farm Machinery Repair

With all of the tractors, combines, and farm equipment accessories, farmers constantly face equipment repair bills. Given the nature of farming, farmers cannot wait until their next payday to fix mechanical issues. As a farmer and a welder, you can completely bypass all of these problems, weld and repair all of your own farm machinery, and save even more money because you do not have to hire anyone else to do it.

Milk Holding Tanks and Refrigeration Storage

Depending on what your farm produces-- milk or meat-- you need to keep it contained and in a very cold environment. During winter that is not so hard; but during the rest of the year, your milk holding tanks and refrigerated meat lockers have to be kept at the regulated temperatures specified by the government. If you have to seal up leaks, it is very costly, unless of course, you can do it yourself.

Achieving a Welding Degree and Continuing Farming

Fixing and repairing fences, cattle chutes, milking pens, metal animal pens, and about a half dozen other odd jobs on the farm occasionally require some form of welding repair. You could talk to K-Indu Ltd about other welding needs on the farm. Since many vocational colleges in Canada offer night classes, you could still get a degree in welding even if you have a farm to run. If you were born on the farm but want a degree in welding to help with the family business, you can achieve your goal in about two years or less. Then your parents never have to worry about another farm-related repair bill ever again!