If you are thinking about installing a new roof on your home, you may want to consider using metal shingles or roofing panels. Metal roofing is beautiful on most any home, but it is important to do some research before making a decision. Be sure to contact professional metal distributors, such as those from Kitchener Steel Service Centre. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of metal roofing:

Pros of Metal Roofing:

Extended Life Span

When metal roofing panels are properly installed, they can usually last for the entire lifetime of the house. These panels or shingles are constructed from steel and can survive high winds, decomposition, and insect infestation.

Easy to Install

When using an experienced, reputable contractor, metal shingles or roofing panels can be installed very quickly and easily. Metal roofing often comes in sections of shingles rather than individual pieces, making the installation process much faster. The longest part of the job will actually be removing the old roofing material and prepping for the new metal roof.

No Worries of Snow Build-Up

Because of its slippery nature, metal roofing is perfect for anyone who lives in a snowy climate. Unlike regular shingles, metal roofing is resistant to almost any precipitation since it is hard and allows the snow to slide right off the roof and onto the ground below.

Fire Resistant

Another crucial benefit of metal roofing is that it is fire resistant. Metal, when applied over non-combustible materials, has an extremely high fire resistance rating. If you have applied your shingles over wood or other materials that can ignite, the level of fire resistance does decrease somewhat.

Cons of Metal Roofing:


Metal roofing is a significant investment in your home. The durability of the materials does cause them to cost somewhat more than traditional roofing materials. However, that durability is what you are paying for. If you stay in your home for many years, the roof will pay for itself many times over since you will not have many, if any, repairs during the life of the home. Additionally, many manufactures will provide you with a warranty anywhere from 20 to 50 years.

Damage to Exterior

The unfortunate thing about metal of any kind is that it can be damaged if something strikes it. There is the possibility of the roof becoming dented after a major hailstorm. However, if you have invested in a strong, steel metal roof, the likelihood of that decreases significantly. Also, if your metal roof has been painted, the paint could begin to chip over time.

A metal roof can be a beautiful and elegant addition to any home. Be sure to choose a contractor that has specialized in this type of roofing, as the installation is quite a bit different than traditional roofing.